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More qualified software engineers needed as Gulf ICT market prepares for high growth towards 2012

ALHOSN University, an Abu Dhabi-based university dedicated to high-quality, value-based education, outlined innovative programs aimed at graduating highly-competent software engineering professionals during its “Software Engineering Information Day” held on (Wednesday, May 13, 2009) at its Male Campus. 
Government officials, professionals and managers from various fields such as communication, energy, health, HR, and IT gathered to learn more about the latest software engineering trends and the competencies required by the field. ALHOSN invited participants to join in the formation of its Industry Advisory Board (IAB) that would help the university’s Software Engineering Department improve its curriculum and thus produce highly competent graduates capable of meeting current industry needs.

Dr. Amin Haj-Ali, the Chair of the Department of Software Engineering, ALHOSN University, said: “The Gulf’s ICT sector is one of the few industries
that continue to perform strongly amidst today’s difficult economic conditions. Even more growth is expected towards 2012, as the region’s nations seek to transform themselves into knowledge-based economies. Today’s activities will help us move our software engineering programs into the right direction to fully support the expected expansion of this important industry. The event is an opportunity to discuss long term partnerships with our guests.”
 ALHOSN University’s Software Engineering program is designed to enable students to apply computer science, design, engineering, management, mathematics and other related principles to solve engineering problems. It also aims to impart an equally strong understanding of the arts and sciences that will prepare candidates for leadership, service, and life-long learning for the good of society.

“There is a strong demand for innovative software development across the Gulf and the broader Middle East, especially in growth areas such as outsourced IT services. Through our talks with our guests, we can identify specific industry and government requirements from software engineering professionals, the challenges faced by the discipline, and potential solutions. This will help us refine our department’s curriculum so that what we teach is both timely and relevant,” added Dr. Amin Haj-Ali, Chair of the Department Software Engineering, ALHOSN University.


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