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Department of Education stages ‘Adept Engineer’ play

ALHOSN University’s Department of Education recently staged a play inspired by an Arabic lesson given in primary schools. Entitled ‘Adept Engineer,’ the play sheds light on the effective role of what is known as ‘Curriculum Dramatization,’ a phenomenon that is currently gaining momentum across the educational system.
Attending the event were Prof. Abdul Raheem Sabouni, Vice Chancellor of ALHOSN University; Dr. Karima Al Mazroui, Arabic Curriculum Manager at Abu Dhabi Education Council; Dr. Mariam Al Ali; and other Council members. ALHOSN faculty members, Abu Dhabi school teachers, parents and students from primary schools were also present.
“This play reflects the practical side of educational technology and methodologies and demonstrates the Department’s faith in Curriculum Dramatization, which comes in line with the vision of the Abu Dhabi Education Council,” said Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab Al Naby, Chair of ALHOSN’s Department of Education and supervisor of the play.
“The students’ hard work and exceptional efforts are evidently translated in the handmade stage  set pieces, highly contributing to the remarkable success of the show,” he added.
Prof. Sabouni commended the outstanding work of the University’s Department of Education, lauding the effective educational contribution of school theatres in enhancing students’ academic knowledge and educational skills. He emphasized the interactive and lively dynamics of this genuine art form and wished further success and progress for the students and professors of the Department.
‘Adept Engineer’ is the seventh play to be staged by the Department of Education at ALHOSN University, following a series of plays inspired by primary school curricula such as ‘King’s Intelligence,’ ‘Marvelous Trick’ and ‘Marvelous Trick - Puppet Show.

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