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ALHOSN University’s 3rd Board of Trustees Meeting

 The Board of Trustees at ALHOSN University held their third meeting on December 6th, 2006, under the presidency of H.E. Musallam Bin Saeed Al Qubaisi, Chair of the Board, and in the presence of Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni, the Vice Chancellor of ALHOSN University and the Board of Trustees’ members.

The Board discussed the proposed reports for the previous period of the University including the Academic, Financial and Administration reports, in addition to the achievements of public relations report.
The Board was briefed on the work in progress at the university and agreed to the academic programs that have been planned for the academic accreditation at the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research. The Board also approved the annual budget for scientific research and development for faculties’ members for the academic year 2006 – 2007.
Other faculty budgets were also approved as well as the budgets for all students’ activities and services.
One of the Board’s decisions was the approval of the new laboratories facilities which have been recently acquired by the university and supplied with the latest technical equipment for engineering programs. This technology was recommended by a variety of academic program developers from Canadian Universities.

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