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ALHOSN Business Students take part in the X-Culture Global Collaboration Course

Please join us in congratulating our first batch of ALHOSN University (AHU) Faculty of Business Students, X-Culture Global Virtual Collaboration Graduates who joined in a joint global project led by Dr. Vasyl Taras (University of North Carolina – USA) , supervised by Dr. Timothy Richard Muth ( Florida International University) and our own Dr. Djamel Eddine Laouisset (ALHOSN University) .
These seventy AHU undergraduate and graduate independent studies’ students successfully passed the competitive entrance test and completed this challenging X-Culture Global Collaboration Course involving our international business in-class theoretical training. They had two months of practical multicultural experience as members of the Global Virtual Team (each team was made up of students coming from seven different countries).
The teams developed high-quality business plans for top US Multinational Corporations, working alongside over 3,200 students from 101 prestigious universities in over 40 countries on 6 continents (including many Ivy League Universities). These pioneering students have opened new international collaborative avenues for ALHOSN University’s Faculty of Business with the most prestigious Universities of the World.
Our thanks to Dr. Vasyl Taras and his team for granting AHU this enjoyable educational international experience and of course thanks to our students for having participated in this challenging international collaborative project, therefore gaining them not only international business professional expertise but also cross- cultural competencies.

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