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ACAD Small World team representatives appreciated in certificate ceremony

Small World organizers held a private certificate ceremony in Mirage Marine in Abu Dhabi on June 23, 2012 to reward sponsors and volunteers for their involvement in the large-scale charity fundraiser held in March of this year. Certificates were signed and distributed by His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Mubarak Al Nahyan, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Mrs Salam Hamzeh Ghaith, the founder and President of Small World.
The American Corner of Abu Dhabi City (ACAD) at ALHOSN University participated in the event by representing the USA in both a booth and mixed choral and dance performance. When the ACAD event team was asked to select an ambassador for the USA in the Small World fundraiser Ahmed Suwaidi, ALHOSN’s student council president, was unanimously chosen for the position.
The active student agreed to taking on the responsibility immediately despite his heavy course load. “I felt obligated to participate in any charitable cause.” He added, “I did not feel like the ambassador to the USA but an ambassador for humanity because it was a special night that united everyone for the cause of children around the world who are in need.”
Certificates of appreciation were also given to the American Corner organizing team members Huda Kindi and Amanda Tinnin for their participation in the event.
At the close of the ceremony Mrs. Salam Hamzeh Ghaith expressed her great appreciation for the commitment of all the volunteers involved in the event and promised that Small World 2013 would be an even larger success. Mrs. Ghaith, who had previously joined in ALHOSN’s Volunteer Fair panel discussion on volunteering and entrepreneurship, is the CEO of Plush Events and an active volunteer and philanthropist.

The Small World event began in 2011 with the aim of unifying different nationalities under the banner of a selected cause for a threefold purpose of promoting inter-cultural appreciation, raising awareness of global issues, and funding worthy projects around the world. In 2012, Small World joined forces with the CNN Freedom Project and focused on the cause of child slavery. It was announced that the theme would continue next year. ACAD Coordinator Huda Kindi has confirmed that the American Corner would participate in Small World 2013.

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