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Latifa the Canadian, guest of the Reading Club

The Reading Club hosted novelist and journalist Huwaida Atta for the presentation of her book: "The Days of Latifa the Canadian," which tells the story of the desert- life -lover Latifa the Canadian who has lived in the UAE for more than fifty years, during which she got attached  to the land and to the people, and has witnessed  the evolution of the country from the beginning till  its current global development.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Munther Momany Vice Chancellor & CEO  of ALHOSN University, Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab El Naby Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and supervisor of the Reading Club, Dr. Hassan Al Samarrai, from Education  Department, Dr. Waleed Acko professor at the University of the Sorbonne, Mr. Khalid bin Kaka chief editor of the Journal Al Elam Wal Asr , as well as  other guests and students of the university.

Dr Mohammed Saeed  pointed out at the beginning of the meeting that this event comes as part of the celebration by the university of the  forty-second anniversary of the  National Day to the United Arab Emirates, and added that under the supervision of Dr. Khalid Hyari Dean of Student Affairs the university made sure this year‘s celebration was quite distinctive. “Accordingly today’s guest is a distinct writer, a professional journalist and a lover of literature, who attempts to probe the depth of those she writes about; sometimes with the spirit of the reporter in search of hidden secrets, and at other times with the spirit of the literary writer who is fascinated by the beauty of the characters she describes” he said.

He also added that the UAE rulers and people have a simplicity  that is not customary, “and I do not mean by simplicity, humility and goodness only,  but  also, as the root of word suggests, openness and spaciousness; this is the reason why anyone dealing with Emerati nationals is usually pleased to discover that they are a people with a happy disposition, infinite gentleness, and great generosity.

Commenting on the lecture, Prof. Munther Momany noted that “the national occasion we were celebrating had a special character, as it highlighted the anniversary of a true civilizational  achievement.  It may consequently be appropriate”– he continued – “to reflect on the figures, who loved the UAE, followed its evolution, and fused with its people, such as Latifa the  Canadian, whose  attachment to the people of the UAE for more than half a century confirms their good nature, and the generosity of their country.”

Then, writer Huwaida Atta displayed nice pictures of Latifa the Canadian dating from the early years of  her  youth when she came to the UAE. They depicted her life in the city of Al Ain, the establishment of the first hospital in the city, and her role in providing health care to the people. The lecturer also told  the audience how  she  selected for herself the name of Latifa  to facilitate communication with  the local population  and how it quickly spread among girls in the city. Huwaida Atta concluded by  showing  photographs of her in her old age, some of which, - with a number of relatives - were from an exclusively  private collection.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Munther Talal Momany  presented an ALHOSN crystal logo to the writer and novelist Huwaida Atta in appreciation for her efforts in writing her book “The Days of Latifa the Canadian”  while the Reading club gave  her a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition for the content value of her lecture.

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