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The Department of Education organizes the sixth exhibition practicum

The Department of Education at ALHOSN  University inaugurated the sixth exhibition practicum in the presence of Dr. Adel Khleifi Provost for Academic Affairs , Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab El Naby Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences , Dr. Khalid Hiyari Dean of Student Affairs , Dr. Mohammed Kashif Dean of Graduate Studies and Research , Dr. Teerab Sherif, head of the Department of Education , Dr. Hassan Al Samarrai, Instructor and supervisor in the Education Department and  Director of the Center for continuing Education, Dr. Saleh Al- Nuseirat Foundation Program Director , and Dr. Bassem Al Bdairat Assistant Professor in the Department of Education . The meeting was also attended by representatives from the Al Nahda National Schools , the Jubilee school, and a large number of faculty members and students of the university.
The  female students exhibited samples of their work and their activities in their training schools, which included real teaching aids, cut-outs, educational games, and student activities, in addition to audio-visual educational technology.
They also presented the students' reactions to these teaching aids, their enjoyment of educational games, where the learner plays the biggest role and  makes of him the center of the educational process as advocated by modern trends.
Dr. Adel Khleifi, Provost for Academic Affairs passed on the Vice Chancellor’s greetings to the audience and commended the efforts of the students in this exhibition, which is held  every semester as a token of  excellence of the students in their training. He  also praised Dr. Mohammed Saeed Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences on the performance of students, and thanked the training schools that allowed the students to get the hands-on experience. He finally  thanked Dr Sharif Tairab head of the department for his participation in this event, and thanked the students for the obvious efforts exhibited.
At the end of the meeting,Dr Adel thanked the supervisors for their efforts during the practicum period, as well as the Department of Education for helping the students acquire many effective teaching methods and skills in keeping with the contemporary educational theories.

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