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“Wasini" a theatrical performance of the Abu Dhabi Theatre Company at ALHOSN University.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at ALHOSN University hosted the Theatre Company of Abu Dhabi in a  theatrical performance entitled "Wasini" by the author and theater director Saleh Karama Al Ameri. In  attendance were H.E. Prof. Munther Momany Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mohammed Said El Naby Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Hassan Mustafa Head of the English Department, a number of faculty members as well as  university staff and students.
Dr. El Naby began by thanking  the  troupe of  Abu Dhabi for accepting the invitation to perform the play at ALHOSN University. He then touched on the importance of the theater as the realm of fantasy, as the play " Wasini" is a complex piece of work which requires deep thinking  in order to get to the message that the author seeks to deliver to the public. We all know that a work of art  may carry more than one message, depending on the interpretation of the text by the audience , and the play " Wasini" contains  many  such philosophical  messages.
The events of the play revolve around a  conflict between a waiter and a beggar  who exhibits incredible  pride; while he is begging people for money he refuses donations and the charity of the rich. This attitude exacerbates the conflict between the characters which is carried out until the end of the show when  the beggar is killed under the wheels of the train by his fellow beggars, all that because he accepted the gift of a rich man and thus failed  to abide by the beggars’ code of honour.
The cast included several promising artists namely: Zeinab Abdullah, Muhammad Aidaroos (beggar), T-Shehhi (waiter), Muhammad Abdul Razak (rich man), Sultan Khaled ( beggars’chief) Abdullah Hareb, Omar Shaddad, Khaled Juneibi. It is noteworthy that thanks to the ingenuity of the director Saleh al-Amiri the simple theatrical decor and clothing turned out to be a key element in the success of the play.
At the end of the show, Prof.Munther Momany offered a University Crystal Logo to Mr Saleh al-Amiri author and director of the play,as an acknowledgement of his long artistic journey. The actors were also  awarded certificates of appreciation for their outstanding performance.

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