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The Reading Club celebrates the book "Flashes of verse"


In a joyful atmosphere, the reading club of ALHOSN University presented the  book “Flashes of verse" by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, which is the latest issued by His Highness and disclosed to the public for the first time in the Sharjah Book Fair of November 2014.
This new collection of poems consists of fifty-two flashes excerpted from the full poetic works of His Highness. These poems revolve around the themes of life and its difficult challenges, love and victory as well as the celebration of humanitarian achievements and experiences.
Dr. Mohammed Saeed El Naby President of the Reading Club opened the meeting by pointing out the versatility of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid in both classical and “nabatean” poetry, and how he often extolled the national achievements of the UAE people in his poems. He also explained that Nabatean verse is a kind of rhymed poetry, marked by smooth-sounding words, depth of meaning, and diversity of topics that reflect nomadic life and values. Mastery of the essentials of this art generally implies quick-wittedness, fluency, spontaneity and healthy natural disposition.
Regarding this collection of poems Dr Mohamed Hasab El Naby said: "These diverse poems are not only an introduction to the poetry of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid but also a window from which the reader can gain some insight into his character, philosophy, values, ideas and principles."
A large number of students from the Department of Education recited these brilliant flashes of verse of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, and a prize has been awarded for the winners and participants.
It is noteworthy that the reading club has presented – a year ago- the book "flashes of thought" by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid , which is an added value to the arab library and an enrichment to culture and leadership thought.
The Reading Club of ALHOSN University was launched in 2010, in order to encourage students to read and develop their cognitive skills, as well as to get them involved in the process of cultural development. Ultimately, the activities of the club spread outside the university, reached out to the community, and started to play an active role in the cultural movement witnessed in the UAE.

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