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Workshop Series -Software Engineering Department


The Software Engineering Department at ALHOSN University hosted two workshops in the Software Engineering Corner. The first workshop was on Google Apps for Education, Thursday October 27th, 2016. The second one was on Unity Game Development Platform, Saturday October 29th, 2016.
The  Google Apps for Education workshop was delivered by Mr. Abhay Pandita and Mr. Mark Duncan both from the Brams Company, the Google’s trusted Premier Enterprise partner in the Middle East. They provided an overview on Google Apps, they introduced to faculty and students how to benefit from the collaborative learning and research features that Google Drives and Docs offer, and how to collect, analyze, and manipulate data using Google forms.
The second was delivered by Mr. Osama Kousi, our senior Software Engineering students. The workshop aimed at enhancing students’ technical skills. It was an introduction to Unity, a game development platform. The workshop started by familiarizing students with the general layout of Unity. Then, several features of Unity were introduced, including lights, camera, game objects, physics & motion, scripting, animation, and GUI & UI System. Throughout the workshop students were practicing and applying the concepts introduced to end up with the development of a small game.
Students greatly enjoyed the workshops and found them very beneficial, wishing to have more technical workshops. Faculty members of the Software Engineering Department are very proud of their students who share knowledge with their peers and collaborate in the department learning activities.

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