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Field Trip Visit to Abu Dhabi Media

On Oct 4th, 2012, The Software Engineering Department organized a field trip to the Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC), a multi-platform media organization established in 2007 as a public joint stock company from the assets of Emirates Media Incorporated. ADMC owns and operates a range of television channels, a network of radio stations, as well as a number of newspapers, magazines and media related businesses. ADMC’s operating units include publishing, television, radio, digital media, distribution, and printing.
The purpose of the trip was to enable students to learn more about the world of digital media implementation and practice using the latest software programming applications and web engineering technology. After arriving to ADMC’s headquarters, students visited the IT department of Al-Ittihad newspaper. They were welcomed by the IT team members represented by their chief information manager. A presentation was given about the major activities and responsibilities of the IT department showing all their major tasks and work flow that goes into the publication of the newspaper. Students were provided with adequate information and awareness about the most important and critical software applications that should be used in any media editing sectors. The presentation also covered the main concept of cloud computing technology and the meaning of the virtualization environment. In addition, the presentation highlighted the company’s “green” project that was launched in 2008, and shed light on its roadmap. After that, a very fruitful discussion session took place between the AD Media development team and ALHOSN software engineering students on the fundamentals of being a professional software engineer in today’s market.

Subsequently, students visited the Abu Dhabi Television site. Mr. Abdullah Al Hashemi, the Head of Television Broadcasting, and Mr. Nasser Alzaabi, the logistics Director, took the students in a tour inside Abu Dhabi Sport Channel HD studios and control room and showed them a host of cutting-edge facilities and equipment used by broadcasters. Later, students visited the production and ciphering room and learned a great deal about enhancing data security via biometric authentication. 
The trip was organized by Mr. Murad Al-Rajab.  Students were accompanied by Dr. Maher Aburrous and Mr. Murad Al-Rajab.

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