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ALHOSN University embraces world of social networking with Facebook presence

ALHOSN University, has launched a new Facebook page to capitalize on the reach and advanced  features of the world’s most popular social networking site.
Developed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook is the most visited website on the internet. It has evolved into a central communication tool where people upload content and have access to up-to-date information for business, networking, leisure and socialization. Facebook is believed to be patronized by more than 16 million internet users in the Middle East.

The ALHOSN Facebook page will feature photos, videos and status updates on the university’s latest activities and news. It has been designed to appeal to a broad audience that includes ALHOSN community members, parents, partners, and friends.   
“Although Facebook is commonly regarded as a socialization tool for individuals, it is also carving a niche as a soundboard for various types of organizations. In the Middle East, Facebook has become a venue for youths to hone their technology skills, reach out to friends throughout the region and air their concerns and sentiments. Our new Facebook page supports all these while advancing our goal of inculcating in our students a sense of global knowledge with local vision. We invite everyone to explore its content and learn more about the ALHOSN brand of education and youth development,” said Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO, ALHOSN University.

The ALHOSN University Facebook page was developed by an in-house team led by Mr. Mohamed Farouk, the university’s Deputy IT Director. The project is ALHOSN’s latest initiative to raise its IT-related capabilities. Last year, the university launched an updated version of its web portal to deliver more functionality and services to students, parents, and teachers.

Join us on ALHOSN Facebook page link:

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