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Civil Engineering Department Field Trips

Urban Infrastructure Systems 
In line with the educational objectives of the ALHOSN University Civil Engineering Department, several field trips have been organized to bring the students in contact with civil engineering field activities and professionals. On November 24, 2011, Dr. Rafik Al Sakkaf organized a field trip under the theme “Urban Infrastructure Systems” to Bawabat Al Sharq Project in coordination with The Project Manager Eng. Khalid Mahmoud of Abu Dhabi Municipality. Upon departure the group was seen off by Prof. Mohammed Sobaih, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences. At their arrival to the site, the group was greeted by the project manager, AECOM engineers, the project consultant, and Al Jaber engineers, the project contractor. Baniyas Investment Company is the owner of the project. This field trip, which focused on the infrastructure parts,  gave students the opportunity to see the field activities of constructing water supply networks, sewerage networks, stormwater networks and service roads. Students were accompanied by faculty and staff members of the Civil Engineering Department, including Dr. Rafik Al Sakkaf, Dr. George Markou, Eng. Ahmed Mousa, and Eng. Ahmed Al Ghazali.

“One Day in the Future”

On the occasion of the 40th UAE National Day faculty members and students of the Civil Engineering Department participated in the event “One Day in the Future” upon invitation from Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC). The event took place on Tuesday, November 29 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, at Ports Zayed  and Khalifa. The event included a presentation on the mandate of ADPC at ADPC Headquarters, a field trip to Port Zayed, a visit to Kizad and a field trip to Port Khalifa. During these field trips, attendees  became acquainted with the operations of the ports as well as with the activities at Kizad. Students had the opportunity to meet with the ADPC Executives and celebrate the UAE National Day by viewing the tremendous growth and prosperity that the UAE has achieved across all social and economic sectors. The students were accompanied by ALHOSN Civil Engineering Department faculty members and teaching assistants: Prof. Mohammed Sobaih, Dr. Rafik Al Sakkaf, Eng. Ahmed Mousa, and Eng. Ahmed Ghazali.

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