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ALHOSN Reading Club hosts theater director Saleh Karama

ALHOSN University’s Reading Club recently hosted the renowned theater director and playwright Saleh Karama Al Ameri who facilitated the Club’s first discussion on theater arts as one of the well-established types of literature taught in schools. The main focus of the lecture was theatre curriculum, as described by Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab Al Nabi, Chair of the Department of Education and Supervisor of the Reading Club. A number of insights were given on theatre standing and presence within the performing arts landscape, playwriting techniques, traits of performing artists, the role of theatre in the educational process and other issues.
ALHOSN Vice Chancellor H.E. Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, University faculty and students from the Department of Education attended the meeting. Prof. Sabouni  commended Karama’s performance in the Sharjah Playwriting Award -winning play “Al Awal Mokarar” (First Repeated). “Theatre is one of the most prominent literary arts that have drawn great attention in the past. The waning momentum of theatre performances could be due to greater interest in modern literary arts. Still, pioneers of the theatre movement like Saleh Karama continue their efforts to promote and uplift this type of art among the young generation,” said Prof. Sabouni.
At the end of the meeting, Prof. Sabouni presented the University plaque to Saleh Karama Al Ameri in recognition of his exceptional literary efforts throughout his career. The Reading Club also awarded Al Ameri a certificate of appreciation for his artistic excellence.

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