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UAE Foreign Policy

ALHOSN University hosted a presentation on UAE Foreign Policy by HE Dr. Ahmed Al Matroushi, Director of Research and Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He spoke to the students, faculty and staff about the UAE foreign policy ever since its inception in 1971 under the leadership of the late Sheikh Zayed till now. The UAE foreign policy is known for opting for peaceful solution in all matters, and for playing a significant role in trying to resolve conflicts in the Gulf, and in other areas of the world with peaceful mediation. On the other hand, the UAE has always been there to support nations in need; it has always allocated funds for countries and individuals suffering from natural crisis or from war and conflict conditions.
Prof. Munther Al Momani, The Vice Chancellor thanked Dr. Matroushi for his presentation and presented him with the logo of ALHOSN University. 


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