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ALHOSN University hosts American Concrete Institute seminar on tall building construction (Part1)


ALHOSN University, a leading Abu Dhabi-based university dedicated to high-quality, value-based education, is hosting today (Wednesday, April 8, 2009) the “Seminar on Construction of Tall Buildings” being conducted at the University itself by the UAE Chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI), one of the world’s leading authorities on concrete technology.

ALHOSN and the non-profit ACI-UAE Chapter hope that the community-oriented event will raise more professional and public awareness on the proper construction of high-rises.
“Development must go hand-in-hand with responsibility, which is a guiding principle for our seminars. Areas such as Abu Dhabi where property projects are proceeding at a rapid pace need to be more knowledgeable and concerned on the structural, technological and environmental aspects of developments such as tall building construction. Through our technical seminars, we hope to promote world-class concrete technologies and construction techniques in the emirate and throughout the country,” said Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Fellow of the ACI and President of the ACI-UAE Chapter.

The ACI-UAE Chapter’s local office is located at ALHOSN University, which is renowned for its leading Engineering academic programs including Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, industrial engineering, software engineering, and urban planning academic programs and its encouragement of the entry of more women into the engineering field. ACI-UAE Chapter presently includes 130 ACI International members living in the UAE. Organized in 1904, ACI has been delivering quality educational programs in the concrete field and supporting industry with educational seminars internationally since 1969.

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