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ALHOSN University launches Facebook page to show full support for ‘Ata’ahad’ (‘I Pledge’) Campaign

ALHOSN University has confirmed its participation and full support for the ‘Ata’ahad’ (‘I Pledge’) Campaign launched by Al Emarat Al Youm. The initiative aims to end the use of mobile phones while driving in order to prevent road accidents and thus avoid further casualties and fatalities.
The University will create a Facebook page for students to learn more about the campaign, which focuses on self-discipline by asking supporters to make a simple pledge. The page will accept signed pledges from students not to use mobile phones while driving, which will then be forwarded by ALHOSN University to Al Emarat Al Youm.
Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University, said: “The Ata’ahad Campaign is a national and humanitarian call to action for the end of mobile phone calls and texting while driving. We recognize that promoting traffic awareness among road users can be achieved only through cooperation between various governmental bodies and society. Everybody should thus collaborate with the concerned authorities to introduce awareness campaigns covering various aspects of traffic safety so that the number of deaths resulting from traffic accidents can be diminished.”

The ‘I Pledge’ Campaign was launched by Al Emarat Al Youm as an extension to unofficial efforts by activists on social networking sites to stop the tragic loss of youthful potential due to traffic deaths linked to mobile phone use, which has become a social epidemic that continues to claim many young lives.
For participation please check this site:

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