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Department of Education celebrates International Arabic Language Day at Al Manhal International School


ALHOSN University’s Department of Education joyfully celebrated International Arabic Language Day on February 21, 2011 at Al Manhal International School in Abu Dhabi. Several of the current student trainees at the department helped plan and oversee the activities of the festive event. It was a tribute to the mother-tongue, the Quran, and the Arabic language.
The ceremony was attended by Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasb Al Naby, Chair of the Education Department and the supervisor of the trainees; Dr. Mohamed Moussa, Coordinator of the Arabic Language & Islamic Studies unit; and Prof. Hassan Mustapha, Program Director of ALHOSN’s Master of Education. School teachers and students at Al Manhal School also took part in the event.

The event was kicked off with the national anthem and a recitation of verses from the Quran. Mr. Khamis Al Band, headmaster of Al Manhal School, delivered a speech welcoming ALHOSN University and its Department of Education and commending the delegates for their unfaltering support for promoting the Arabic language. Mr. Khamis Al Band also hailed the efforts of the organizers, which he said reflect their love for their language and heritage. Students recited poetry, and so did Arabic language teachers who engaged in a poetry contest. Students vied for top honors in various linguistic competitions.

Artist Mohammed Mandi displayed the beauty, finesse and richness of Arabic calligraphy in a special presentation, which was enthusiastically received by the attendees.
The day-long festivities were concluded with a speech by Dr. Al Naby in which  he explained that the ceremony was an important step towards preserving the Arabic language. He added that such initiatives are instrumental in helping students develop awareness about the importance of their mother tongue, which was once considered the language of science and research.

Dr. Al Nabi also extended the greetings of H.E. Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, ALHOSN’s Vice Chancellor and CEO, who expressed his appreciation for promoting the mother tongue. Dr. Al Nabi said that Prof. Sabouni fully supports all kinds of student activities and emphasizes the role of ALHOSN in community service and in promoting Arabic, the language of the Holy Quran.

The International Mother Language Day started in 2000 and is held annually on February 21st. During this day, UNESCO warns of the danger of the extinction of many languages in the world. Of the almost 6,000 languages currently spoken, 96 per cent are spoken by less than 4 per cent of the global population.
Arabic is the sixth most spoken language in the world after Chinese, English, Urdu, Spanish, and Russian. It is ranked 18th among the 50 most commonly translated languages.



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