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The UN as guest of the Reading Club


This year, the Reading Club of ALHOSN University organized an important cultural event entitled " How  to promote the participation of UAE nationals in the United Nations " presented by Her Excellency Najla Al Kaabi, Assistant Deputy Minister, in the Ministry of International Cooperation, and the prestigious UAE writer Aisha al-Kaabi who is also head of the  programs unit in the United Nations Development Program.
. The meeting outlined the vision of the Ministry of International Cooperation regarding international development, and discussed the current representation of the UAE in the United Nations. Then, Her Excellency Najla Al Kaabi touched on the comparatively  limited ratio of the UAE's representation among employees within the professional service sector of the United Nations, and attributed the reason to the scarcity of professional experts in the field of international humanitarian aid and development.
Aisha al-Kaabi also reviewed the activities of the United Nations and its history since its inception in the middle of the last century until today, and alluded to its affiliated entities and the services they offered in the field of education, health, food, and similar humanitarian fields.
The meeting was attended by Prof. Munther Momany Vice Chancellor of ALHOSN University, Dr. Walid  Accho professor at the Sorbonne University, representatives of the Sultan Center for Culture and  Media, and a large number of students and faculty members from the university. At the end of the event both guests were presented with the University Logo as an appreciation of their efforts to enrich the activities of the Reading Club.

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