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Department of Education holds lecture entitled “Strategic Planning in Higher Education”

The Department of Education recently held a lecture entitled “Strategic Planning” at the Women’s Campus. It was delivered by Prof. Dr. Samir Abdullah Desouki, a professor at the University and former Advisor of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the United Arab Emirates.
The lecture addressed the various aspects of strategic planning and its importance to institutions seeking advancement and progress. Prof. Desouki emphasized the need to adhere to the elements of strategic planning, such as setting goals and objectives, defining control and follow-up standards, and providing the necessary human and financial resources to ensure the success of  a plan. He also highlighted the extent to which strategic planning can be applied to the field of education and learning and how it can be used to promote modern concepts of cognitive thinking and contemporary trends in education that consider the teacher as a thinker, a decision-maker and a learning facilitator.
Several members of the Department of Education attended the lecture and discussed with Prof. Desouki the mechanisms surrounding the implementation of a strategic plan in higher education as well as factors contributing to the success or failure in the design and implementation of the plan
At the end of the lecture, Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby, Chair of the Department of Education, presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Prof. Dr. Desouki for his contribution to the enrichment of the management skills of the department’s faculty members.

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