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Education Departments Annual Play

As is its annual custom, the Department of Education presented another wonderful student theatrical production titled “The Joy of Craftsmanship “under the supervision of Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Naby, head of the Department of Education. This is part of a course on educational technology, which highlights the experience gained through acting out playlets and considers the dramatization of the curriculum as something essential. With this in mind, the Department of Education is keen on staging one play every year, the text of which is selected from the syllabus of the elementary Arabic language classes and re-drafted as an educational dramatic production suitable for children.
Dr. Mohammed Saeed was keen to have the full work of preparation and organization accomplished by the students themselves, from the elaboration of the scenery, the costumes, the acting, the organization and all the practical steps related to the show, which in fine exceeded all expectations.
The event was attended by Prof. Munther Talal Momany Vice Chancellor of ALHOSN University and a large number of faculty members and university students.

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