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ALHOSN Urban Planning Students Participating at Qasr Alhosn Festival Workshop

ALHOSN University students participated in a workshop hosted by the “Lest We Forget” initiative on the last day of the annual Qasr Alhosn Festival held in the Cultural Foundation. This Spring Semester, students enrolled in the Urban Planning Studio (UPL315) led by Dr. Adnan Husnéin have been grappling with issues related to understanding the urban modern heritage of the city of Abu Dhabi and finding ways to stitch the historic Qasr Alhosn back into the urban fabric. In a way, the ongoing studio exercise is an “exploration of Abu Dhabi’s Urban DNA one block at a time.”
Meanwhile, the workshop has been a great opportunity for students to interact with the public and get a feel of how others viewed the question of modern urban heritage. They also presented their studio work to a student delegation from Yale-National University of Singapore (Yale-NUS) who were keen to learn more about the city’s recent attempt to reconsider its urban heritage in the face of rapid development. Parallels and differences, nonetheless, were drawn between Singapore and Abu Dhabi. In addition to urban planning, an interior design student showcased her adaptive reuse proposal for Qasr Alhosn.
Special thanks to Dr. Michelle Bambling, curator and LWF initiative director, and to Marco Sosa (initiative collaborator) for their cooperation.  Also, many thanks to ALHOSN faculty Miguel Jaime (Architecture), and Dr. Seif Khiati (interior design) who provided valuable input during the workshop.
Finally, a surprise visit by HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Sultan to the workshop capped a dynamic evening and a great finale for the festival.


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