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ALHOSN Professor Raymond Tennant Appointed New Provost

 Abu Dhabi, 17 June 2011—ALHOSN University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, has announced today the appointment of Prof. Raymond Tennant as Provost of ALHOSN University. In his new role, Prof. Raymond Tennant will be tasked with providing leadership and direction to position the university as a premier institution for learning and teaching across the Middle East. Professor Raymond Tennant will also head faculty and curriculum development and accreditation efforts, and work to ensure ALHOSN University’s growth by enhancing its current infrastructure and obtaining adequate funding for academic and research programs.

Born and raised in the US, Professor Raymond Tennant received his BS in mathematics in 1983 from Union College in Schenectady, NY and his PhD in mathematics in 1988 from the State University of New York at Albany. For the past two years, Professor Tennant has been Head of the Effectiveness and Accreditation Center at ALHOSN University where he has directed all UAE and international accreditation activities and overseen the development of the outcomes-based model of education at the institution. Prior to joining ALHOSN, he worked at the Commission for Academic Accreditation at the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. In an earlier appointment as professor of mathematics at Zayed University, he played a key role in ZU’s successful accreditation application with the US-based Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Throughout his career, he has taught mathematics courses from across the curriculum, designed several courses related to mathematical symmetry, and directed student research in undergraduate and graduate programs. After spending the first twelve years of his academic career in the US, he has lived in the Middle East for the past ten years where his research interests have evolved from abstract areas of topology to more concrete areas of geometry related to Islamic art and architecture. He has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East and the surrounding region researching historic architectural sites in Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen, Uzbekistan, India, and Spain with particular interest in Islamic ornamentation, tilings, and dome constructions. In 2009, he served as an editor for a special issue, Islamic Art and Symmetry, for the international journal SYMMETRY: Culture and Science.

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