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The Department of Education organizes the semesterial exhibition for practical training


The Department of Education organized the semestrial exhibition for practical training, during which the students displayed the teaching aids that they used during the practical training period, as well as the educational games and other technological activities they had undertaken and  integrated with teaching aids,  models and various maquettes employed while teaching.
The exhibition was attended by Prof. Munther Talal Momany Vice Chancellor of ALHOSN University and a large number of faculty members, as well as  the families of the students and the supervisors of Ennahda National School for Girls. In conclusion, the department head Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab Elnaby presented  certificates of appreciation to the university administration for its support to the activities of the Department of Education, and also to the faculty members, the students and staff of the university who have made a great effort throughout this year to provide support for the events and various activities of the Department.


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