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Architectural Engineering Students envision ALHOSN’s future campus: University 2030

As part of their capstone projects for Spring 2012, Architectural Engineering students developed design proposals for ALHOSN’s future campus. Amal Al Ghifari and Reem Zeidan envisioned ALHOSN Campus with a central oasis-like atrium surrounded by a major auditorium that accommodates 1500 seats and two lecture theaters, 400 seats each as well as movie theaters, registration and admission offices, a major library, cafes, dining hall and recreational facilities with indoor swimming pool and a half-kilometer overhead jogging track. The atrium is flooded with natural light through skylights and equipped with a variety of vertical circulation elements that connect all university floors. Three 8-story faculty buildings feed into the atrium and are accessible from a variety of levels. A large outdoor plaza and green roof connect all the buildings and create a quasi-natural hill with covered parking underneath. The design employed sustainable building strategies and incorporated photovoltaic and solar panel technology in addition to sky gardens and desirable wind catchers that Chanel fresh air inside the whole campus.
“This is one of the best capstone project submissions in the Department. One of the most significant aspects of this project was giving students the opportunity to envision ALHOSN’s future campus and think about practical issues related to their study in the current university campus,” said Dr. Mohamad Kashef, Chair of Architectural Engineering Department.
The students shared their ideas with Vice Chancellor, Abdul Rahim Sabouni and Provost Raymond Tennant who expressed their admiration of the students’ project. The capstone presentation was also attended by Mr. Khalifa Al Muhairi, the Chairman of the Board Trustees, who discussed the potential of applying the students’ design ideas in other similar projects. Mr. Khalifa also discussed some specific design elements and was pleased to find that Architectural Engineering students are engaged in such complex design projects.
One important byproduct of the project was the enhancement of teamwork skills among the students, who worked very closely together to realize their ideas in the final project. Amal Al Ghifari and Reem Zeidan will finish their architectural engineering degree over the summer semester and are ranked on top of their class. Dr. Kashef commented that Amal and Reem teamwork ethic has been exemplary and invites other students to follow suit by preparing themselves for the professional world with teamwork as the most important asset for success.

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