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ALHOSN University hosts TESOL Arabia’s “Morning of Workshops”

Since its creation nearly 20 years ago, TESOL Arabia (TA) has been the premier forum for professional development in ELT education in the region.  Thanks to the valuable support of the community, TA has been able to build a network of professionals who meet regularly to exchange ideas and practices, enhance their knowledge of a vast range of English Language Training (ELT) content areas, and keep up with current trends in the field.
ALHOSN University has been a fervent supporter of TA. Many of the successful events organized by the Abu Dhabi Chapter of TA have taken place on ALHOSN premises. On Saturday, October 18, 2014, the Chapter held its first event for the current academic year at ALHOSN Univ. The event was well attended. It offered delegates four Personal Development  sessions, two of which are related to the integration of technology in English language learning. ALHOSN is an ideal venue for such events as it has the required IT infrastructure. The event was also an opportunity to recognize ALHOSN University’s continued support to TA and award them with a certificate of appreciation issued by TA’s President, Dr. Melanie Gobert. Professor Hassan Mustapha Professor and Dean of the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Dr. Radia Benzehra, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Department of English were there to receive the award.


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