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The Department of Education organizes its eighth practicum exhibition

The Department of Education at ALHOSN University recently held its eighth practicum exhibition for female student graduates. The graduates got the opportunity to display the diverse teaching aids and educational games that they created and developed in their training schools. The students also had the opportunity to speak about their experience in teaching and the skills they learnt in practical training, asserting that it increased their desire to teach and deal with children at the elementary stage.
Dr. Adel Khleifi, Provost  of ALHOSN University attended and opened the exhibition on behalf of the Vice Chancellor along with the faculty of the Department of Education, several Al Nahda  and James International school teachers, and a large number of faculty members, staff and students from the  various departments of the university.
Everybody was impressed with the exhibits and particularly with the project, dubbed “Read" presented by student Saeeda Jasser, which enhances the desire to read among students. It consists of a space designed as a library within which a child sits surrounded by books arranged in an engaging and attractive shape.
The event ended with the distribution of certificates of appreciation to the supervisors and trainee - students, and group lunch for the students and faculty members.

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