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A Personal Journey into the Laboring of a New Libya

The American Corner hosted Dr. Adnan Husnein on June 24, 2012 in "A Personal Journey into the Laboring of a New Libya." The Assistant Professor at the Department of Urban Planning offered his perspective as a Libyan American on nation-building and a recount of his interaction with Libyan local government officials, academics, and civil society over a two-year period beginning in 2011.
The presentation highlighted his work organizing and running a workshop on the role of urban planning in post-revolution Libya at the International Forum of Libyan Experts in February 2012, assisting the Ministry of Higher Education in developing its official website, and organizing TEDx Tripoli, the first post-revolution international conference in Libya.

Throughout the lecture Dr. Husnein displayed pictures of Libya’s most scenic sites, telling the audience of the incredible potential of his country in terms of industries such as tourism and energy. He particularly stressed the resilience of the Libyan people and described the creativity that revolution had brought out of even the youngest participants in post-revolutionary building process. The presenter was optimistic about the future of Libya and the changes on the ground at the grassroots level, but admitted that there are many more steps to be made on the road to building Libya.
Dr. Husnein gave his sincere appreciation to Vice Chancellor Abdul Rahim Sabouni and Provost Raymond Tennant for supporting his effort to accomplish these state-building endeavors in Libya and Ms. Huda Kindi of the American Corner for organizing the event.

Dr. Adnan Husnein joined ALHOSN in 2006 where he was instrumental in the establishment of the first Bachelor of Urban Planning degree in the UAE and served as founding chair of the department until October 2011. During his time at ALHOSN, he has initiated several projects within the department such as organizing Planning Day and publishing the Urban Planning Update newsletter. He also serves as the advisor to ALHOSN Green Club.

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