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Urban Design Trip to Al Bastakiya and Al Shindagha Historic Districts

The Department of Urban Planning organized a trip led by Dr. Adnan Husnéin on 8 March 2010 to visit the historic district of Al Bastakiya in Dubai. Students from urban planning, architecture and interior design took a step back in time to the days before electricity and air-conditioning, and explored the districts’ traditional courtyard houses and its winding streets. The area has also been known for the highest concentration of classic barjeels or wind-catchers in Dubai. This historic center dates back to the mid-nineteenth century. Today, some of these houses have been converted to museums displaying local culture and heritage while some house modern art galleries. The students also visited Al Shindagha area and went on a memorable ‘abra cruise along Khor Dubai (the creek). Students were keen on recording their findings. Some sketched, some took snapshots of their favorite urban design elements, while others just soaked it all in!

Special thanks go to our tour guide, Mr. Waleed Nabil, of the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding, and Mr. Abdullah at the House of Traditional Architecture. Thanks are also due to our own staff members, Mrs. Mahasen Al Mahasneh and Arch. Ahmad Dhiaeldeen who provided much needed support to students during the trip.


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