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Faith Education in Ramadan

In celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan, ALHOSN University recently conducted a public lecture on ‘Faith Education in Ramadan.’ Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab Al Nabi, Chair of ALHOSN's Education Department, delivered the lecture in the presence of university students and administrators.
The lecture discussed faith education in Islam with special focus on the pillars of faith and types of fasting. It shed light on the essence of the spiritual month of Ramadan as an opportunity to strengthen one’s faith and beliefs. It also touched on the need to manifest faith through good deeds as conveyed in the many verses of the Holy Quran. Dr. Al Nabi emphasized that Muslims should abide by their faith and perform good deeds not only during Ramadan but throughout their entire life.
This year, ALHOSN University is marking Ramadan with a series of special events and activities, including religious and artistic competitions, an Iftar gathering for its students, faculty members and administrators, religious lectures, and other special activities

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