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Faculty of Business Celebrating its Elite Students

Believing in its students’ capabilities and empowering them to push their limits and always do better, the Faculty of Business recognized and rewarded the achievements of its elite group of students on the 15th of January. The event took place at AlHOSN University American Corner with 26 top students and their families attending.  The students were given tokens of appreciation and certificates of excellence. 
The event started with an opening speech from Dean Kamel Ghorab on the Faculty of Business’ new work plan, actual implementation, steps taken, and follow-up procedures which will improve the achievement of the faculty learning outcomes.  He stressed the Faculty determination for its stakeholders to work in harmony to fulfill its objectives.
“In our search of excellence, our Faculty is open to consider even the wildest ideas of improvement.  If it believes in something new, it will test it and then quickly implement it. The Faculty adopts its professors’ industrious recommendations of change.  It does not believe that anything is impossible.  Not only the Faculty believes in its faculty, staff, and students, but also it is confident that their collaboration will always be fruitful while they work together and appreciate each other’s efforts” Dean Ghorab added.

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