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Software Engineering Department celebrates its Final Accreditation and acknowledges outstanding students


The Software Engineering (SWE) Department of ALHOSN University celebrated its Final Accreditation from the Ministry of Education last Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at both its male and female campuses (initial accreditation was granted in 2005).  The accreditation affirms the department’s ability to provide quality education that the general public can trust and that is fully recognized by the educational community.  The Vice Chancellor and Provost, the SWE Department’s faculty who organized the event, and most of the department’s male and female students were in attendance.
In addition to the accreditation, student achievers were acknowledged for their exceptional accomplishments and extracurricular activities. This served as an incentive to current and future students to play a larger role in their University and become more active, excellence-driven learners. 
Graduating students of the SWE Department who have been honorably representing their alma mater, ALHOSN University, were also given recognition. Alumni who went on to work in globally renowned companies as well as those who are currently taking their Master’s Degrees abroad in North America were awarded. 
Dr. Saif Zahir, a Visiting Professor from the University of British Columbia, Canada, gave a brief presentation on the various research areas within the field of Software Engineering to give students an idea on current market demands. Dr. Adel Khelifi, the Department’s Chair, also pointed out that software engineering is currently one of the most highly-sought after degrees among employers. His talk instilled confidence in students and enlightened them on the vast opportunities awaiting them upon graduation. Dr. Samia Loucif successfully moderated the gathering and discussed matters related to advising; the importance of contact between students and faculty members; students’ activities; and technical workshops within the department. She also mentioned that the faculty’s role extends beyond giving lectures as they are also available outside the classroom to listen to the academic and personal concerns of students.
Special thanks go to Mr. Murad Al-Rajab, Mrs. Haifaa Kattan and Mrs. Amal Aboaziza for their valuable contributions to the success of this event.

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