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Civil Engineering Department “Soil Investigation and Material Testing” Field Trip

In an attempt to expose ALHOSN’s civil engineering students to In-situ activities, Dr. Reem Sabouni, Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department, arranged a “Soil Investigation and Material Testing” field trip, in coordination with the Matrix Laboratory, which is one of the leading soil investigation and material testing labs in Abu Dhabi. The participating students attended a soil boring procedure on a working site in Khalifa City. Following this, students experienced first-hand soil investigation tests performed in a standard laboratory. Eng. Ahmed Amer, Technical Manager, Matrix Laboratory, shared his experience in the field of material testing with students. He also gave a detailed presentation on the common martial tests used. The presentation was accompanied by further practical demonstrations of the tests involved. The students’ comments on the field trip asserted it to be an enriching and riveting experience. During the field trip the students were accompanied by ALHOSN Civil Engineering Department faculty members and teaching assistants: Dr. Reem Sabouni, Dr. Rafik Al Sakkaf, Dr. George Markou, Eng. Ahmed Mousa, Eng. Israa Hammouda and Eng. Ahmed Ghazali.


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