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ALHOSN University introduces students to region’s top employers at 3rd Career Fair

ALHOSN University invited some of the region’s leading employers for its students to meet during its 3rd Annual Career Fair held recently at its campus in the capital.
The fair provided a platform to showcase the skills and competencies acquired by ALHOSN students to match current industry demands across various fields, including business, education and engineering. University students personally interacted with some of the well-established companies in the region and discussed internships, training, and job vacancies. They also learned about the best and emerging job prospects available in the regional and global markets.
ALHOSN University collected key employer information and expanded its industry contacts. Participating companies, on the other hand, explained the nature of their businesses and the talents they require for further growth.
“There are a couple of factors that are stimulating the UAE’s job sector, including the country’s resilience to the economic downturn and various social movements, as well as a growing interest in private sector employment among youths. Through our annual career fair we aim to match the right employers with the right talents, expose our students to various career opportunities, and strengthen the image of our university as a source of industry-focused recruits. This event is our own contribution to energizing employment in the country and throughout the region,” said Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO, ALHOSN University.

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