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ALHOSN's Civil and Architectural Engineering Students Participate in Concrete Mix Design Lab


In keeping with ALHOSN’s strategy of connecting the academic experience of students with practical skills, ALHOSN’s Civil and Architectural Engineering students participated in a concrete mix design lab experiment carried out at the concrete lab in the university. The mix design experiment aimed at enhancing the practical knowledge of the participants by exposing them to the adapted method for designing concrete mixes.
The group observed the mixing process that involved selecting the suitable mix proportions (Cement, Coarse & Fine Aggregates and Water), detailed procedure for the mixing process in the mixer, and finally pouring the concrete. A slump test to check the workability of the concrete mix was performed. Students were also shown how to prepare the cubic specimens for compression test.
Dr. Sharaf Al-kheder, an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at ALHOSN University, supervised the students who were hooked to the details of concrete mixing all along the experiment.


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