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Field trip Central Market of Abu Dhabi

On April 16th, The Civil Engineering Department at ALHOSN University in collaboration with ALDAR, organized a field trip to the tallest building in Abu Dhabi, which is located at the Central Market of the Capital. Students arrived at the project’s construction site accompanied by Dr. George Markou and Teaching Assistants Eng. Ahmed Mousa and Eng. Israa Hammouda.
ALDAR’s Project Manager Mr. Nasser Da’na greeted  students and briefed them on the mega-project and the different engineering challenges Civil Engineers will encounter when dealing with such a complicated and mega-scale construction project. Currently more than 6,500 people work on this project and the estimated cost is at 7 billion dollars. After the briefing, the Safety Engineer informed students about the safety policy of the company and shared with them a few emergency scenarios.
The fieldtrip included a visit to the two towers T3 (276m) and T2 (381m) facilitated by Ms Maria Intzempatzaki, Senior Architect at ATKINS. Ms Maria gave a presentation on the main structural characteristics of the two towers and described the innovations introduced during the design of the project. After that, students proceeded to tower T3, which will be used for commercial purposes. The tower has two robotic machines installed at its inclined roof (for maintenance purposes) that were developed in Germany, specifically for this building. This the first time in the world that a skyscraper accommodates such an advanced technology. After the completion of the T3 tour, students visited the tower T2, where they had the chance to view the ongoing construction works, which have reached 381 meters above sea level. 


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