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ALHOSN University reveals top career opportunities to high school students during ‘Schools Open Day

ALHOSN University discussed the best career paths to students of the Applied Technology High Schools and Raha International School during its ‘Schools Open Day’ which ran from February 5 to 16, 2012.
Applied Technology High Schools invited ALHOSN to speak before their students in Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Dubai, Al Ain and Fujairah campuses as part of the educational group’s Career Exploration Day 2012 activities. University representatives discussed career paths in leading fields such as Engineering, Architecture, Education and Business Administration. They also outlined the training, internship, recruiting, scholarship, sponsorship and assistantship opportunities offered by ALHOSN. The same topics were touched on during the career orientation conducted by Raha International School on February 16, 2012.
The students and staff of the participating schools appreciated the scope and content of ALHOSN’s academic programs and its encouragement of young girls to consider taking up careers in the scientific and engineering fields. They also commended ALHOSN’s focus on community involvement and environmental activism as part of its holistic approach to personal development.
“The basis for making good decisions is access to proper and complete information. During our tour we made students aware of the top career options available and how our various academic programs, services and holistic approach to personal growth could help them achieve their career goals. The big decisions do not have to start after high school graduation; they can start now, as high school students already have a good grasp of their preferences and their abilities. We thank our host schools and hope that we have provided their wards with the necessary information to pursue a career path that suits their character and their ambitions,” said Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO, ALHOSN University.


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