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The Sports Club Celebrates the Participation and Volunteering of ALHOSN Students in ITU Triathlon Abu Dhabi 2015 and invites participation and volunteering for 2016

To further drive more Sports appreciation and encourage ALHOSN students to participate more and contribute to the community by volunteer work, the Sports Club celebrated the students who got involved in the triathlon last March.
Volunteering ALHOSN students managed the run aid stations along the racecourse at the Corniche handing out water, electrolytes, energy gels, and soaked sponges. ALHOSN Team – Mrs. Haifaa Kattan, Mr. Ward Al Kassab and Mr. Abrahem Khader Qudadeh participated in the Sprint version of the Triathlon and took turns swimming (500 meters), biking (20 km) and running (5 km) respectively. They crossed the finish line in a gross time of 1:49:25.
Mrs. Haifaa Kattan – the Sports Club Advisor – welcomed the attendees and introduced the event guest Mr. Steve Watson, the Managing Director of Gulf Multi Sport LLC and one of the Triathlon Organizers. He mentioned his personal story, how he started his first marathon in 2008, then how he went on further and decided to do the iron man later on.
She also presented a video screening about the triathlon and briefed the students on how to join the triathlon, supported by statistics on participation & volunteering at ALHOSN for the period from 2011 until 2015.
A registration session to join IT Triathlon Abu Dhabi 2016 was opened after which Dr. Mohammad Al Kashif, ALHOSN University Provost along with Mr. Steve Watson, congratulated the students and staff who joined the triathlon in 2015 and handed them their appreciation certificates.
In addition to the participants above, we owe special thanks to the following ALHOSN volunteers:Ward Al Kassab, Mohannad Jamal, Abraham Khader, AlBaraa Al Moussa, Omar AlKasab, Abdulrahman Nayef, Wasim Houran, Mohammad Tareq Barakat, Wael Abutaqiya, and Mohammed Al Abbadi.

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