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The Education Department participated in the Third International Conference of the Arabic Language.

Faculty members of the Education Department took part in the Third International Conference of the Arabic Language which was held in Dubai, May 7th – May 10th 2014. Over 500 speakers and 1,000 participants joined from all over the UAE and the Arab World.
The conference discussed investing in the national language for future generations , ensuring its unity and that it remains faithful to its values and history. This allows it the opportunity to compete in all fields while keeping its unique identity, quality, excellence, creativity and innovation.
The participants from the Education Department were: Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby; Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Teirab AshShareef; Chair of Education Department, Dr. Saleh Al Nusairat; University Foundation Director and UGR Coordinator, and Dr. Basem Al Bdairat. 


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