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FASS 7th Seminar: “Increasing Classroom Participation with Students’ Mobile Response Devices”

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences seventh seminar was given by Dr. Dale Eric Havill – an Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences Department. In the beginning, he was formally introduced to the audience by the Chair of the Social Sciences Department: Prof. Gregory Mavrides.
The seminar was attended by Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby; Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof. Gregory Mavrides; Chair of Social Sciences Department and other Faculty members, Instructors as well as Staff.
Dr. Havill started his presentation by giving a brief introduction on the Students’ Mobile Response Devices. They have been referred to as: Clickers, personal response systems, student response systems, classroom response (or performance) systems and e-instruction. However, they’re widely known as “Clickers”.
These electronic audience response systems were originally designed to collect group opinions, i.e. in products, politics, polling, etc.
Dr. Havill shared his experience using clickers during the previous three years for taking attendance, giving all exams and quizzes, and questions during lectures. He first started using clickers seven years ago  while teaching in Oman. He mentioned that some of the advantages of “Clickers” could be: encouraging shy students to participate and of course saving time by automatic grading of quizzes and tests. He also noted that the clicker systems can give students multiple versions of a quiz or exam which are also graded automatically.
Meanwhile, Dr. Dale presented to the audience how the program works by displaying the screen of his own smart phone on the laptop and showing examples of questions that might appear to the students who are using “Clickers” in their classrooms.
As the presentation came to an end, Dr. Mohamed Saeed; Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences presented Dr. Dale Havill a certificate and a souvenir as an appreciation for his great presentation.   


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