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ALHOSN pays homage to UAE culture & identity in celebration of 41st National Day

Abu Dhabi’s ALHOSN University celebrated the UAE’s 41st National Day with a series of events paying homage to national culture and identity that took place from November 27 to 28, 2012 at the university’s Male and Female Campuses.
During the first day, historian and archeologist Dr. Fatima Al Sayegh delivered a lecture entitled ‘The Union: Challenges and Successes.’ Emirati coffee and local gourmet food were served afterwards. An Emirati handicrafts exhibition and a bazaar were also held at the Female Campus.
The following day featured the bulk of ALHOSN’s festivities, highlighted by a lecture delivered  by renowned journalist Howaida Ata   at an event sponsored by the university’s Reading Club on the early days of the UAE and the influence of the country’s founding fathers on its enduring success. Ms. Ata  also presented an overview of her upcoming book entitled “Passengers of the Empty Quarter – About Mubarak bin London.”
Mubarak bin London was the name given to Sir Wilfred Thesiger, a British explorer who traversed the Empty Quarter twice and led the last greatest expedition across Arabia. One of his companions during his epic journey, Sheikh Salem bin Kabina, narrated their adventures to the lecture attendees. Dr. Amal Afifi, Secretary General of the Khalifa Award for Education, ALHOSN faculty members, and special guests were enthralled by the retelling of unique events in the UAE’s colorful history.
The ALHOSN Reading Club also hosted a culture-based contest for children focusing on the historical and heritage aspects of the UAE. A dancing performance by Emirati students and the cutting of a special National Day cake enlivened the celebrations.
“The UAE is a relatively young state and yet it has achieved so much in a span of just four decades. A big part of this nation’s success is due to its commitment to uplifting the unique Emirati spirit in all its endeavors. Our activities pay tribute to the UAE’s unique vision of progress, which is echoed in ALHOSN’s own motto of ‘global knowledge with local vision,’” said Professor Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University.

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