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Dr. Quraish Al Qasser, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq, visits ALHOSN University

On February 14, Dr. Quraish Al Qasser, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq visited ALHOSN Universityand met with the University Vice Chancellor and CEO,  Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni. During the visit, Dr. Al Qasser and Professor Sabouni explored the idea of establishing a framework for collaboration between AlHOSN University and Iraqi universities on various academic and research activities. It was pointed out that ALHOSN university, which is open to students from all nationalities,  currently has around 40  registered Iraqi students and that the university is keen on admitting more students from the Republic of Iraq as it seeks to diversify its student body. Dr. Al Qasser indicated that he is very enthusiastic about potential collaboration with ALHOSN University since it offers a North American-style education with a local flavor in line with the University motto of “Global Knowledge with Local Vision”. The meeting was attended by Prof. Abdul Illah Al-Jumaily, Cultural Counselor at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Abu Dhabi, and several ALHOSN University faculty members from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Business, and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Dr. Al Qasser toured the University campus and visited the American Corner in the Library Building. At the end of the visit Dr. Al Qasser thanked Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni for inviting him to visit the university and reiterated his interest in seeing some initiatives of collaboration with AlHOSN University develop in the near future.


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