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The Legal Fallout of the Financial Crisis by Dr. Oritz lecture - Feb 24th

The Department of Urban Planning is currently offering a course on Planning Law and Practice (UPL 400) which covers issues relating to planning and real estate legislation.  UPL 400 also touches on litigation and conflict resolution in the aftermath of the global financial crisis.  Since Dubai features as the course's case study of note, Prof. Khaled El-Khishin, course instructor, has invited an authority in the field, Dr. Doraliz Ortiz -from the Dubai-based Al-Sayyah law firm- to deliver a guest lecture to interested students and faculty.  Dr. Ortiz obtained her Juris Doctor (JD) graduate degree at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She has over six years of in-depth legal experience having practiced in both civil and common law jurisdictions. She also provides legal advice to individuals and businesses in the U.A.E. and abroad. Her practice includes Commercial Law, International Arbitration, Civil and Real Estate Litigation.
The lecture is co-sponsored by the Departments of Urban Planning and Business Administration.

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