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Historian & archeologist Dr. Fatima Al Sayegh discusses UAE’s historical & political evolution at ALHOSN University


AHU hosted a lecture by Dr. Fatima Al Sayegh during its Reading Club 4th meeting at the ALHOSN Women’s Campus on February 13, 2011. Dr. Al Sayegh, an Associate professor at the United Arab Emirates University’s Department of History and Archaeology, delivered a speech entitled ‘United Arab Emirates: Its Historical and Political Development’ before ALHOSN students in the presence of Vice Chancellor Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni and a number of  faculty members.

In an interview with Abu Dhabi Emirates Channel, the TV station which covered the major event, Prof. Sabouni explained that such non-classroom activities are vital to enriching the academic experience and promoting cultural awareness among students, a cause that he noted has been among ALHOSN’s priorities since its inception. He considered Dr. Al Sayegh’s presentation as a highly valuable event for the university as she touched on the historical and political growth of the UAE, a topic of substantial educational importance.

“We thank Dr. Al Sayegh for sharing her knowledge and giving our community a better understanding of the forces that have shaped the Emirates’ history and politics. ALHOSN will continue to support these kinds of activities as part of our holistic approach to academic and personal growth,” said Prof. Sabouni.

Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab Al Nabi, Chair of ALHOSN’s Education Department and Supervisor of the Reading Club, explained to the Abu Dhabi Emirates Channel that his club was established to encourage students to acquire a strong reading habit and attain more knowledge. He added that among the club’s goals was to support the cultural growth of students. Dr. Al Nabi also said that Dr. Al Sayegh’s discussions helped reinforce loyalty, the sense of belonging and national identity among her audience.

Prof. Sabouni awarded Dr. Al Sayegh a certification of appreciation on behalf of the university, while the Reading Club presented another certificate thanking her for her valuable contribution to the club’s activities.

ALHOSN University’s Reading Club was founded by Dr. Al Nabi in the fall of 2010 and is composed of both student, faculty and staff members. The club has received many popular writers such as Loay Khaled, the author of ‘My Iraqi Friend,’ Abdul Ghani Ajaj, who penned ‘The Dreams of Sayed and Mohammed,’ and poet Naima Hasan, whose latest poetry book, ‘The Rituals of Retribution of Man,’ was reviewed by the club.

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