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University of Detroit Mercy professor joins week-long lectures & discussions on university accreditation at ALHOSN University

ALHOSN University, a leading Abu Dhabi-based university dedicated to high-quality and value-based education, has invited Prof. Nizar Al-Holou, professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at the University of Detroit Mercy, in the United States, who is visiting ALHOSN University from June 6 to June 11, 2010 to participate in a week-long series of lectures and discussions related to university accreditation. 

During his stay, Professor Al-Holou will conduct a workshop on international accreditation processes in general and ABET accreditation in particular. ABET is the recognized accreditor for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology. It is a federation of 28 professional and technical societies representing these fields. As one of the most respected accreditation organizations in the U.S., ABET has provided leadership and quality assurance in higher education for over 75 years. ABET currently accredits some 2,800 programs at more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide.

Dr. Al-Holou is an ABET program evaluator (PEV).  He has been teaching for over twenty years in the US. He was awarded over $1,000,000 in funding for research in wireless technology from government agencies, institutions and industries. His areas of research interest include Next Generation Vehicle Networks (NGVN), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Wireless Sensor Networking, and distributed processing systems with an emphasis on automotive applications. Dr. Nizar Al-Holou has published over one hundred refereed papers.

“Quality control at ALHOSN is a top priority, and our success as an educational institution relies significantly on that. Our involvement in activities related to accreditation reflects our commitment to adopt world-class standards in our university. Prof. Al Holou has discussed with our Faculty and Staff the latest developments in the ABET accreditation process of the Engineering Programs. In addition to the mandatory local accreditation required by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the UAE, ALHOSN has chosen voluntarily to seek additional international accreditation of its programs to match the International standards,” said Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University.

ALHOSN University constantly invites distinguished lecturers from prominent international organizations to enhance the quality of its academic programs and support the development of its students and faculty. Founded in 2005, the university is open to students of all nationalities and offers 11 undergraduate and 7 graduate programs under the faculties of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Business, and Arts and Social Sciences.

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