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Schools of Nabaty Poetry in the UAE


The Reading Club at ALHOSN University hosted the Emirati author Mohamed Noor Elddine to discuss his new book “Schools of Nabaty Poetry in the UAE”. His book presented a new way in critiquing literature that is based on analyzing generations of poetic experiences in a direct way.
The author divided the Schools of Poetry in the UAE to Traditional, Emotional and Realistic. He mentioned each School’s features and demonstrated them. As for the first School; the Traditional: the author focuses on creating a strong connection with the audience to satisfy them rather than focusing on the creativity of the content. As examples of the Traditional School; Mohamed Noor Elddine presented samples of poems for “Al Majidy Bin Thahir” and “Ya’qoub Al Hatimi”.
Moving on to the “Emotional School”; its features include the poet’s boldness in expressing their feelings and not considering the other party’s reaction. Therefore, the poet in this category voices out his feelings more than his ideas and consequently this makes the connection between the poet and himself stronger than his connection with the audience. To demonstrate this category more; Mohamed Noor Elddine presented samples of poets for “Ahmed Bu Snaida” and “Mubarak Al Oqaily”.
Finally, Mohamed Noor Elddine explained the “Realistic School”. It’s basically where the connection between the poet and the content of the poem and critics is stronger than the connection between the poet and the audience. Noor Elddine interpreted that this is due to the rise of the education level, the expansion of the poets’ horizon and experiences, and the spread of Journalism, Radio, TV and other social media networks.
This lecture was attended by Dr. Mohamed Saeed Hasab El Naby; Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Dr. Hassan Al Samarrai; Director of Continuing Education Center as well as many students.     

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