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The Reading Club at ALHOSN University hosts “Prince of Poets”

The Reading Club at ALHOSN University hosted the poet Kareem Ma’touq; winner of the “Prince of Poets” show in its first season. 
Within the framework of the seminar which was conducted by the Reading Club; Kareem Ma’touq presented his book “Biography like me”.
The session was attended by Prof. Munther Momany – Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University, Dr. Mohamed Saeed – Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Director of the Reading Club, Dr. Ahmed Al Awadhi – part-time instructor and many other instructors, staff and students.   
The Prince of Poets presented his personal biography in a remarkable way through his book. He spoke about how writing a biography is filled with the subjectivity of the writer, where s/he displays themselves as the protagonist. Therefore, Kareem doesn’t see biography writing as an objective work; it’s actually a literary work that combines subjectivity and objectivity. Kareem then recited parts of his biography that summarized his life and education.   
The Poet was involved in an in-depth discussion with the students who attended on many aspects that arose during his presentation. Kareem emphasized that these days Poets are entertainers which is an important role while previously the Poet was the defender of the tribe.
Prof. Munther Momany presented the Poet: Kareem Ma’touq with a crystal logo and Dr. Mohamed Saeed, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Director of the Reading Club awarded him a certificate as an appreciation of his valuable efforts.   


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