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“The American Corner hosts, Urban planning department & Green Club event giving a Special Earth Day Lecture”


The Department of Urban Planning in collaboration with the Green Club and the American Corner hosted on the 24th of April a lecture by Ms. Lara Nassar, the Regional Documentation and Information Officer at International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Ms. Nassar holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Management of Urban Land and Water from the University of Sheffield (2008) and B.Sc. in Environmental Health from the American University of Beirut (2007).
Her presentation titled “Process Documentation: Where the Process Speaks” engaged students and faculty in understanding how process documentation can be employed as a tool that helps reveal change in decision making, cooperation, empowerment, attitude and behavior, social and cultural institutions, and trace the change processes in a project. Citing examples from rural communities in Jordan, Ms. Nassar described how this tool would explain what, how, and why things in a project occur. She stressed in her presentation how understanding change processes is important for community development so that interventions may achieve the required impact on all levels (decision makers, stakeholders, local community), and help decide if the project can be replicated elsewhere. 

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