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ALHOSN University hosts Dr. Sandra Laney lecture on Women’s Colleges and Women’s Science and Technology Education in America with special emphasis on Elephantiasis

The American Corner hosted a lecture on Wednesday, 21st March entitled Women’s Colleges and Women’s Science and Technology Education in America
delivered by Dr. Sandra Laney, a Foreign Affairs Officer and a Fellow at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Diplomacy. Dr. Laney is serving her fellowship in the Office of the Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State (G/STAS) at the U.S. Department of State.
The presentation featured tips for potential high school female graduates who would be interested in pursuing their career in one of the Universities in the network specified by Dr. Sandra. A general awareness was evoked among the community on the infectious diseases named Elephantiasis. Measures to alleviate the rapid spread of the disease were also discussed. Dr. Sandra has carried out field work on 13 Neglected Tropical Disease endemic countries including Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Egypt, French Polynesia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Trinidad & Tobago, and Tuvalu.
The talk was followed by a question and answer session.  At the end of the talk, Professor Sabouni awarded Dr. Laney the American Corner Plaque as a token of gratitude. Later, Reem Sabouni, Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering, accompanied Dr. Laney and other Embassy delegates to a tour of the Civil Engineering labs. The event proved to be an eye-opener to the female students at ALHOSN who could act as a torch bearer to their siblings or other interested high school graduates in the community.

On the occasion of Mother’s day, a surprise was awaiting Dr. Laney after the tour of labs. All University faculty and staff members were invited to attend a Mother’s Day Pizza Lunch to honor all 23 mothers on campus. Each mother, including Dr. Laney, was called on the red carpet to receive her bouquet of flowers and certificate.

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