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Reading Club Hosts Poet Hamza Qenawi

The poet Hamza Qenawi gave a talk on Modern Arabic Literature last week at ALHOSN University.  Mr. Qenawi reviewed features of Modern Arab Literature, the forms used by Modern Arab writers and the factors that led to its development.  The poet also presented some of his own poems which met with the admiration of the audience.

In the discussion that followed the talk, several issues were touched upon including forms of Modern Arabic and the factors that contributed to its rise and the language used. The regression of the poetic form in the face of other prose forms was particularly raised and discussed.

Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni, Vice Chancellor and CEO, was in attendance.  He expressed his appreciation of the poet and the contributions he made.  He commented that the technical and artistic requirements of poetry are different from other forms of arts.  This may explain the popularity of novels in comparison with the art of poetry.

The forum was chaired by Dr. Mohammed Saeed Hasab El Nabi, Chair of the Department of Education and Supervisor of the Reading Club.  In his welcoming note, Dr. Hasab El Nabi said that the poet’s contribution to literature and poetry is of great significance.  He added that Modern Literature reacts to social and other literary issues of our times.  Modern poets are also exposed to translated work of international cultural trends.  Poetic creativity requires specific psychological and emotional conditions that lead to expressive poetic works which may not be raised in other genres.  

Professor Sabouni presented a certificate of appreciation to the poet wishing him continuous success and progress.  Professor Sabouni also expressed his good wishes for the Reading Club.

The poet Hamza Qenawi has published a number of collections.  Some of these are:
“Thirsty Questions” (2001), “Happiness Leaving: The Lie” (2003), “The Stranger: Poems of Paris” (2008). He also published two novels: “The Intellectuals!” (2009) and “From the Papers of an Egyptian Young Man,” an autobiography that came out last year.

Among the prizes that the poet won were “Suaad Al Sabbah for Creative Literature” for the best poetic collection in the Arab World: “Happiness Leaving: The Lie”.  His novel “From the Papers of an Egyptian Young Man” won him the Ahmad Bahaa El Din prize for intellectual creativity.  He was also selected as one of a hundred Arab writers under forty in the bibliography published in Frankfurt in 2009.

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